At Lemon Drop Cookie Shop, we take pride in our wide selection of quality "Customized and Gourmet Cookies" made to order for any occasion. We are known for our Signature Lemon Cookie that is an amazing "melt-in-your-mouth" treat!  Like no other that you have ever tasted, they are soft with a perfect balance of sweetness and light lemony flavor. Our cookies are GLAZED, not iced, this sets them apart from any other decorated cookie. Each cookie is decorated with style and heart as if we were making them for ourselves.

We use only the finest ingredients such as whole butters and pure extracts. They can be made in either Lemon, Key Lime, Almond or Vanilla flavors. We also offer our "Gourmet" cookies such as Milk Chocolate Chunk Macadamia, Salted Oatmeal, and Brown Butter Pecan, as well as Gluten Free options. 

Browse our "Cookie Gallery" to see what we have done, as well as a small sampling of the possibilities of what can be done. Because our cookies are made to order, they can be customized easily to your color scheme or event theme. Cookies are sold in any quantity with a minimum order of 12, except for our cookie bites which are a minimum order of 36. For custom orders, please contact us so that we may provide a personal consultation to answer all of your questions and meet your cookie needs.

Average order creation time is 3-4 days and delivery time is 2-3 business days by priority mail. There are additional charges for expedited shipping. 
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